Alabama Division


Regent, Mrs. Edwin Mac Smith (Gloria Annette Edgeworth Smith



Annually in August (for round table discussion) and November (for annual meeting) in Montgomery, AL


Officers 2017-2018

Regent: Annette Edgeworth Smith
First Vice Regent: Sandra Scott Wilson
Second Vice Regent: Kimberley Jo Alexander
Third Vice Regent:  Lindy Lee Hard
Fourth Vice Regent: Martha E. Knott
Recording Secretary: Sarah Kathryn Curtis
Corresponding Secretary:
Treasurer: Verna Slack Brennan
Registrar: Vicki Lynn Presley
Chaplain: Patricia “Pat” Bryant Malone
Historian: Diana Foreman Gidoere
Herald: John Patrick Hagood
Flag Bearer: Richard Barley Hudgens
Flag Bearer: Stephen B. Coleman, Jr.
Courier: Barbara Duvergne Phelps Nye
Courier: Richard Rutherford Randolph, III
Panel: James Gilbert Alexander, Jr.
Panel: Shelby Dean Ward
Panel:Roberta Haden Greene
Panel: Cecile Doyle Morgan Webb



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